Established 1975

Not only are we known for Mental Health Services

Pantang Hospital is well known for best psychiatric practices and has improved the lives of many through psychiatric and occupational therapy and rehabilitations.

We are one of the most diverse health providers of physical and mental healthcare in GHANA and our staff are dedicated to improving lives through the wide range of services we offer.

Our purpose is to help people to recover from mental and physical illness and to find new and better treatments that allow people to lead full and productive lives. Our ambition is to be the best organization of our time in Ghana.

Pantang Hospital Laboratory


District coordinating Council visits Pantang Hospital to inspect unauthorized structures within the hospital and plan for their demolishing.

So Why Choose Us?

Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation

We provide a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program is second to none in the fight to regain self control.

Occupational Therapy Services

We provide Occupational therapy which helps to regain lost functionality as a result of Patient's mental condition.

Radiology Services

We now offer all kinds of x-ray services as well as ultrasound scan. Visit us today and receive quality Healthcare services

Dental Clinic

We ensure that our clients experience a warm welcoming and friendly environment as we provide the best oral healthcare.

Medical Laboratory Services

Our hospital has a well equipped medical Laboratory and professional staff to deliver prompt diagnostic services 24/7.

Eye Clinic

You could have eye examination and related services at the hospital's eye clinic. Your sight is very important us.

Maternity, R.C.H Services

Pantang Hospital is equipped to offer delivery services at our Maternity unit & reproductive and child health services.

In-Patient Services

We have 10 wards for in-patient admissions of persons with both mental disorders and medical/physical conditions who need to be admitted.

Out Patient Services

Our Psychiatric and Medical OPDs serve persons with Physical and Mental health challenges.

What Our

Clients Say.

The staff are all very helpful and nice. I never once have felt looked down on or dismissed. Every step of the way I have someone explaining next steps and what I should expect, as well as allowing me to decide what form of therapy I think would work best for me. I've only spoken to my therapist once so far, she was so welcoming and understanding, even apologizing for the long waiting time for appointments (Which really isn't their fault, between COVID and being busy, and I never felt like the wait was too long).
J. Nkrumah
Thank you all for being there. It is very hard for me to talk about my feelings and to work through them, you've all been so amazing, and I'm so excited to get the tools to help work through my problems on my own terms. I haven't attended too much as of yet, I've just started, but I feel hopeful for the first time in so long. Best wishes and I hope everyone stays safe.
N. A. Smith
I have anxiety problem, I got my first session booked in However, the whole experience and the help I received was every good.
M. Addo

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